To New Beginnings….

I love writing and blogging and food, good food. . But it’s very difficult impossible, to write or enjoy a wonderful meal with a newborn. S and I welcomed our beautiful, baby girl, ‘A’ into this world in November 2015.  Since then things have been on an absolute roll!

I am happy to share that my tiny venture – Socially Influenced, a digital communications agency, has taken off well and I have some fabulous clients. I love my job because I get to meet passionate, hardworking and sincere individuals and learn more about other businesses and industries. It is one of the most exciting things and for me – it is as much fun to deliver great content to clients as it is to play & watch Baby Girl A grow! I am blessed that I can follow my passion and get paid for it!

Among other news, S and I are slowly and steadily moving into Ahmedabad from our current home in Baroda (or Vadodara). Since the distance is barely 2 hours, we have been dilly-dallying with the actual move and end up going to our Ahmedabad home for just 10 odd days in a month. We hope that with Baby Girl A starting a Parent-Toddler program in AMD, we are more motivated to stay there and enjoy what the city has to offer.

From cooking a meal, once in awhile, I now need to cook at least 3 meals a day for us! Making a so-called ‘simple meal’ of Dal, Bhaat (rice), Roti & Shaak (Sabzi), or as we have begun calling it “DBRS”, takes me at least 2 hours! I still don’t know a lot of vegetables and it must be amusing for vegetable vendors when I ask them for help to identify common vegetables like parwal. Moving into your own home is definitely a lot of hard work, planning and organizing especially when you want to have a professional life as well. But, millions of people do it and all it takes is time. I am sure we will get to a smoothly functioning home very soon.

It’s a beautiful thing that we have friends and family over who fill our home with laughter. The happiness rings through the house and we love the chatter and sounds of people in our home. We’ve had casual dinners, teas and coffee nights which is perfect!

Baby Girl A loves exploring the house and we’ve kept it sparsely furnished so she can drive her trike in the house, or run around, without a care in the world. I’ve found veggie vendors, fruitwalas, small grocers, large grocery stores everything very close to home since we’re located in Prahladnagar.

The only thing that has been absolutely horrid is finding an Internet Connection!! We’ve moved in about 5 months ago and we still are struggling to find an internet provider. A huge bummer from me. I hope S can find a way soon to get some connectivity!

That’s what my family and I have been upto, what about you?