Dario’s, Koregaon Park, Pune

I don’t know how many people have heard of the webpage, GourmetItUp. I found it on Facebook and decided to try the offer they had going for Dario’s. Since it was my last day in Pune, I wanted a place somewhat closer to the airport and a place whose food I enjoyed.  Dario’s has been my favorite Italian restaurant for a while now since I love the fact that all the ingredients taste very fresh unlike another popular Italian chain whose food quality, in my opinion, has deteriorated. The atmosphere is absolutely fantastic and you feel like you have come away from the city. This restaurant is situated right next to the Osho Ashram and the outdoor section is green and very calming. There are always a lot of foreigners at this café and it is one of the few places where you can sit alone on a table and enjoy your coffee whilst reading a book.

Gorgeous Trees surrounding the restaurant.

I booked my table for Dario’s online and immediately got a confirmation email, the SMS followed in a few hours. I wanted to make sure I would get a table on the exact date, hence booked almost a week in advance. The whole process went by very smoothly and even when I had to change the reservation’s timing, it was no hitch. We reached Dario’s at about 2:30 PM and were looking for a table outside so we could enjoy the beautiful winter afternoon. The restaurant was reasonably crowded, with most of the outdoor section full. We managed to get a table under the big purple umbrella and settled in.  At Dario’s they have a separate menu that you choose from for GourmetItUP customers. You have the choice of choosing from a four course menu (Found Here) which is quite filling for two people. I love this idea of a tasting menu! I’ve been to Dario’s at least once every 6 weeks but I am a complete creature of habit. I always order the same thing over and over again (the Tobasco pizza and the ravioli in a 4 cheese sauce, with Nachos to start with) that I have never bothered looking at the menu. In this case, I had to try something totally different and I loved it! I was pushed to make a different choice.

We decided to start with the ‘Polpette di Lenticchie (lentil balls served with a spicy tomato garlic sauce) instead of a soup. These were so delicious! They were deep-fried and it has been a while since either one of us has had anything deep-fried and we completely relished them.  These had a couple of herbs packing some good flavor into them, I know I could taste some beautiful thyme and the dipping sauce added just the right amount of spice to them. As much as my brain kept telling me to stop after one, I just could not and ended up having 3! They were worth every bite.

Dario's lentil balls served with a spicy tomato garlic sauce

Dario’s lentil balls served with a spicy tomato garlic sauce

Next up was the salad. We chose the Insalata Sant’ Agata , a fresh garden salad with roasted tomatoes, rocket leaves with a lovely light dressing of olive oil, balsamic vinegar and mixed herbs. It was light on the palate and the stomach. The salad was very fresh and the leaves still had a little crunch. That for me is the mark of fresh vegetables. I think Dario’s serves some of the freshest food and that was evident in this salad.


For mains, we ordered the ravioli, which was stuffed with peas and cheese, in a pink sauce with smashed peas, rosemary and chickpeas. I wasn’t really sure about this when we ordered it but all my doubts were put to rest once this came on the table. The ravioli was tender with just the tiny hint of a bite. The stuffing was lightly seasoned and had a smooth texture with the ricotta giving it just a tiny hint of richness, which went just perfect with that rich, creamy herb sauce. I’m quite sure the rosemary used was dried which gave the tiniest hit of a crunch. Now, I’m not the biggest pea fan so while I did have a few bites of the sauce with the peas, I avoided them largely. The sauce is very heavy and creamy and you do feel quite full in a few bites. Nevertheless it is quite delicious and you know you are over eating but it is just difficult to stop! I’m not very proud to admit this but, I loved soaking all of that creamy, herbed sauce up with a piece of their fresh bread and eating it. So good!

homemade pasta parcels stuffed with spinach and cheese, served with tomatoes, smashed peas and chickpeas, rosemary and cream

homemade pasta parcels stuffed with spinach and cheese, served with tomatoes, smashed peas and chickpeas, rosemary and cream

Speaking of the bread, they normally provide a complimentary bread basket to every table but for some reason you always need to ask for it! They have about 2-3 pieces of bread in the basket, depending on your table size, and I’ve always loved their herb bread (rosemary, I think). This time when we asked for the basket, he gave us a stale one for some reason but when we brought it to their notice, they replaced it with a much fresher one. The fresh breads are divine! Just give me some butter and I’ll be a happy bunny.

No meal  is complete without dessert and when you’re in an Italian restaurant, you have to order Tiramisu. I personally think Dario’s has some of the best Tiramisu in town. The cake is soaked with delicious coffee and is super moist. The mascarpone layer is rich, yet somehow airy. The sprinkling of cocoa on top helps cut the extra sweet and gives a little explosion of flavor in each bite. Sooo good! I really haven’t found a better tiramisu in Pune.


Service. The only thing that’s a pain at Dario’s. For some reason the service is rather slow even though they have so many attendants running around. I’ve always found the managers more pleasant than them. It is a challenge to get anyone’s attention and I honestly don’t know why. I always prepare myself mentally to avoid getting annoyed because when I do get annoyed I can’t completely enjoy the delicious meal in front of me.

I enjoyed trying the Gourmet It Up experience because it allowed to try something other than what I normally order. There was no hitch with the bill, no hidden costs and it was plain and simple. I will definitely be going to Dario’s again and will also be trying other restaurants in the Gourmet It Up list.

Dario’s get a 3.7 out of 5 from me for the food and their service. And of course, for the yummiest Tiramisu in town!

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