Indigo Deli, Apollo Bunder – Mumbai

If there is one restaurant that can be credited with changing Bombay’s food scene, I think it has to be Indigo. The original Indigo, located at Colaba, was started about 9 years back where they created fusion cuisine and worked hard towards getting the presentation correct. The restaurant was contemporary and gave you a different vibe than say a Taj or Oberoi. In my opinion, it isn’t as ‘snobbish’ and sends a more accessible vibe. The food was fantastic and was served in a way that reminded you of fine dining restaurants abroad. It was new, different and delicious! Suddenly, you felt that you weren’t just having dinner; it was an experience.


While Indigo offered something very unique, the restaurant itself was expensive. Mains start from Rs. 795 onwards (without taxes). I have been to Indigo only once and looooved the food!! I couldn’t believe how yummy it was. But honestly, I would go there once a year to celebrate a special day. I don’t think I would spend that much to dine there as often. So, when I found Indigo Deli I was super excited and I try to go there every time I am in Bombay. The cuisine is not all the same and they have more sandwiches and all day meals, like a deli should, but its absolutely delicious! The presentation isn’t as breathtaking but the food is superb. Its one place that you can blindly trust will have absolutely heavenly food.


The restaurant has a lot of heavy and dark wood and the lighting is lower to give you an atmosphere that is a mix between a fine dining restaurant and a fancy coffee shop. There are cute booths, good for 4-6 people and they have chairs and tables as well. During rush hours, they open their upper section, which has mostly tables and chairs. I am assuming that if you are a large group, and would like a slightly more private seating, you could ask for the upper section to be reserved for you. The seating is comfortable and lends an intimate, relaxed atmosphere.


What is one of my favorite things about the restaurant? Warm bread (Ciabitta) served to your table, with their signature mustard and butter, while you wait for your meal. They normally have a daily specials menu if you are going during lunch or dinnertime. Or, you can choose from their menu. You have the option of choosing breakfast food, appetizers, sandwiches, burgers, pastas, risottos and pizzas. They serve coffees, teas, hot chocolates, juices and mocktails.They also have heavenly desserts, so I have heard, but I always stuff myself with their delicious mains so I have never had a chance to try them. They have a good collection of spirits and on occasion, we have had their Sangrias, which are wonderful. They are good, full bodied wines, which aren’t overly sweet. They serve a good amount of fruit and have a good balance between the fruit juice and the wine. I prefer their red wine sangria to their white wine, but S enjoys his white wine sangria.


I normally order the same thing every time I am at Indigo Deli – Oven roasted potatoes and mushrooms with caramelized onions and Brie cheese on a Ciabitta roll. I LOVE it! Beautiful, light flavors that dance on my tongue. I enjoy my sandwich with a little Balsamic vinegar and olive oil on the side, and then I am in seventh heaven! For the longest time, that is the only thing I would order. I would try a little bit from someone else’s plate, but this is the one thing that would satisfy my stomach and my soul. Another favorite of mine is their Wild mushroom risotto in a red wine sauce. The mushrooms are cooked just right and the risotto is creamy. The red wine adds a different, but great flavor to the risotto. Ask for some freshly cracked pepper on top and its awesome! S asked for a Corn encrusted, jalapeno and potato burger the last time we were there. It probably comes in second after my sandwich! The jalapeno flavors are subtle but noticeable. It isn’t spicy at all and the corn-encrusted patty adds great texture. The bun is soft and is warmed so it isn’t dry. I hate it when the burgers buns are over heated and become crispy. It becomes so messy with all the bread crusts falling all over your plate. The burger is quite large and is quite filling if you’re eating it all alone. Perfect for lunch.


The servers are not as attentive as Indigo and you do have to crane your neck around hoping someone will notice you, especially during lunch or dinner. They are however; well informed about the menu and serve you well. They don’t make a mess while pouring water in your glass, which is a relief. The service is fairly prompt and it does take about 20 minutes to get your meal out once you place your order.  I also appreciate that they are fairly accommodating and try to make your overall experience pleasant. I was in between travelling once, and went with my bag to the restaurant. They were very gracious and were happy to keep my bag out of my way so I could enjoy my meal in peace.


I have had coffee there and it was good.  They keep newspapers so if you would like to come for coffee and a snack or dessert alone, you can enjoy time on your own. I would love to go with my computer and order an espresso with a chocolate dessert and just sit and soak in the wonderful, quiet atmosphere one of these days. I highly recommend making reservations here if you plan to go for lunch or dinner.


For consistency, a good ambience, perfect portion sizes and accommodating servers, I give Indigo 4 of 5. See you there!

Restaurant Timings: 8:30 AM – 12:00 AM

Contact Numbers: 02266551010, 02266551011, 02266551012


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